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The Enchanter's Saga, a music and visual performance exploring the mythical nature of the legendary Arthurian enchanter, Merlinus Ambrosius.

Performed by the Chestnut Hall Camerata under artistic director Earl McCluskie with Andy Maize and Steven Page, vocals, Jerzy Kaplanek, violins, Kevin Ramessar, guitars, and Andrew Downing, bass, the workshop production featured the music of Bruce Cockburn, Hugh Marsh, Loreena McKennitt and others, arranged by Juno award winning composer Andrew Downing.

The music and imagery are inspired by the acclaimed Mary Stewart Merlin trilogy, The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills and The Last Enchantment, and tells the Arthurian story from Merlin’s perspective first as a young boy discovering his gift of “seeing”, growing into the prime of his life where his power enables Arthur to grasp the sword Excalibur and unite all of England, and in the end, seduced by Nimue, Lady of the Lake he fades into the mists of mythology.

Funding was provided by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund and the City of Kitchener,

February 29, 2016


"The Chestnut Hall Camerata renders light with music."

The Chestnut Hall Camerata
Earl McCluskie, Artistic Director

"The Hero's Journey" at the city of Kitchener's ROTUNDA, inspired by Joseph Campbell's 1949 book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces". Artistic director Earl McCluskie developed this concept into a musical concert guided by the stories of heroes through mankind's history. The audience was able to visualize these stories through the music performed by the Camerata and represented on stage our two dancers. A giant-screen Christie Digital video projection displayed the backdrop for the journey.
Four main musical works formed the structure of the concert, and followed the emergence of the hero, the crisis he faces and his return to humanity to share his new vision.
• Hugh Marsh led "How the Violin Was Born" from his "Shaking the Pumpkin" album to introduce the hero's origins.
• Act III from American composer Steve Reich's "The Cave" explored the nature of the hero.
• Michael Occhipinit's "The Great Farini", based on the famous Canadian explorer/adventurer William Hunt, lead the hero back to our world
• the rock band Tool's "Forty Six and 2" revealed the hero's transformed Jungian nature.

The music was supported by dance choreography by Event Horizon with sound and visual/video design effects created by Chestnut Hall Music and visual photography of Gerry King.
Funding was provided by the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund and the City of Kitchener,