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The Town Musicians of Bremen
Sunday, March 4, 2012  |   Live concert  music-narrated presentation of the Grimms Brothers folk tale about four abandoned animals who decide to band together to become musicians in the town of Bremen.  Featuring GAEDELICA (Karen MacLeod, voice and guitar; Jason Pfeiffer, flutes and percussion) with special guest Ted Follows,  narrator, and Shadow Puppet Theatre.

 The Hero's Journey
January 5, 2011  |   Virtual Concert, Broadcasting from the Communitech Hub, Kitchener
January 8, 2011  |   ROTUNDA, Kitchener City Hall
Live concert production featuring Michael Occhipinit (guitar, music director), Hugh Marsh, (electric violin), Douglas Perry (viola), Guy Few (trumpet), Nadina Mackie Jackson (bassoon), Jennifer Enns Modolo (mezzo soprano), Kevin Ramessar (guitar), Miranda Abbot (choreography, dance), Libydo (dance). Musical works include The Cave (Steve Reich), How the Violin Was Born (Hugh Marsh), The Great Fantini (Michael Occhipinti), and Forty Six and 2 (Tool).

A Mother's Tale
February 1, 2010  |   Live concert and video production featuring Laura Pudwell, Jennifer Enns Modolo, mezzo-soprano; Daneil Cabena, male alto; Sandra Mogensen, piano; Douglas Perry, viola; Kevin Ramessar, gutiar and Giselle Sanderson, vocal,  with special guests Ted Follows and Michelle Fisk, narrators.


Michaelmas: A Numinous Feast for All Angels
September 27, 2009  |   A “feast” of angel imagery, musical and visual... an exploration of the nature of angels... with musicians including Daniel Cabena (male alto), Barrie Cabena (organ), Katherine Hill (soprano), Brandon Leis (tenor), Matt Cassils (baritone), Alyssa Kerfoot-Lichti (soprano), Brent Rown (clarinet/sax), Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet), Terry McKenna (lute), Jonathan Glidden (cello), Graham Hargrove (percussion), Paul Shilton (keyboard, Kevin Ramessar (guitar) and Leonard Enns (conductor) with a featured commissioned work by Timothy Corlis.

Composers Choral Song Circle
September 27, 2008  |  The Waterloo Region Composers Choral Song Circle featured the choral music of Glenn Buhr, Barrie Cabena, Leonard Enns, Jeff Enns, Michael Purves-Smith and Carol Ann Weaver.    Hosted by Jurgen Petrenko, a  professional voice choir from the Waterloo region was joined by the Laurier Singers and conducted by Wilfrid Laurier University's Dr Lee Willingham performing choral  music of the Waterloo Region's composers.

Midsummer's Night Dream
August 21, 2003  |  The Ramessar Quintessence presented an exotic mix of jazz, folk and classical music from around the world accompanied by readings and visual displays that enhanced the listener's experience.


vFEST:  Virtual Performing Arts Festival
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